The following practical experience levels are required by the Institute :

  • for Certified Management Accountant (CMA) membership - five years approved experience in a senior and responsible Management Accounting position and completion of the CMA education programme 
  • for Associate Management Accountant (AMA) membership - three years approved experience
  • for Graduate Management Accountant (GMA) membership - no experience requirements apply
  • for Registered Cost Accountant (RCA); Registered Business Accountant (RBA) and Certified accounting Technician (CAT) membership - no experience requirements apply

Graduate members fulfilling the educational and experience requirements of the above membership categories may use the CMA or AMA post-nominals after their name.

Obtaining Practical Experience* :

To obtain your practical experience a Graduate member needs to be employed in a job that enables him or her to attain a broad balance of experience in the four educational areas specified earlier. A wide range of employers in industry, commerce or the public service sector have the potential to offer appropriate training to the Institute's graduates.

The Institute accredits a number of employers with registered Continuing Professional Development (CPD). A CPD is a structured training programme which aims to support a member throughout his or her working life with the continuing education needs of the profession. For more information, please refer to the CPD page.

Under the Institute's 20-year rule, practitioners of management accounting who have had over 20 years experience at a senior level (e.g. at CFO or CFA levels) could apply for CMA membership without examination, provided they undertake the coursework requirements and assessments of the CMA program.

*Relevant experience in management accounting is broadly defined to include the gaining of experience in the provision of information in a wide range of managerial functions including costing, pricing, marketing, strategy, financial analysis, logistics, information systems, etc.
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