Seminar 1

The following seminars are conducted by the Wharton Institute of Technology and Science (WITS) along with the Academy of Finance and Management Australia as part of the Continuing Development Program of the Institute. Please contact the Secretariat to obtain the current dates and venues of the following programs:
  1. Seminar No. 1 Implementing Activity Based Control Systems
  2. Seminar No. 2 Strategic Process Based Accounting
  3. Seminar No. 3 Strategic Pricing and Customer Profitability
  4. Seminar No. 4 Strategic Value Analysis
  5. Seminar No. 5 Portfolio and Logistics Accounting
  6. Seminar No. 6 Accounting for Marketing Communications
  7. Seminar No. 7 Benchmarking the Balanced Scorecard



Management Control Systems

  • Control Systems and Behavior
  • Concepts of Control: The Control Framework
  • Accountants and Control Systems
  • Issues in Control Systems Design
  • Types of Control

Cost Information in Modern Firms

  • Cost Information: More of an Hindrance than a Help?
  • Cost Classification
  • Allocating Indirect Costs
  • Loss of Competitiveness due to Faulty Cost Systems
  • Uncovering Hidden Profits and Hidden Losses

Re-Engineering Cost Allocation Systems

  • ABC: The Response to Complexity in Modern Firms
  • The Fundamentals of ABC
  • Cost Drivers
  • Activity Analysis
  • Advantages and Limitations of ABC
  • Case Study: Comparison of Cost Allocation Systems

Activity Based Management

  • Monitoring Systems
  • Measuring the Performance of a Process
  • The Key Performance Variables to be Measured
  • Frequency, Timeliness and Accuracy
  • Controlling White-Collar Departments
  • Activity Based Budgeting
  • Feedback Systems under ABM

Implementing Re-Engineered Cost Analysis and Control Systems

  • Creating Implementation Motivation
  • Training, Evaluation and Information
  • Project Organisation
  • Project Analysis
  • Project Synthesis (Model Building)
  • Long-term Cost Management Model
  • From Project to Steady State