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The following seminars are conducted by the Wharton Institute of Technology and Science (WITS) along with The Australian Institute of Finance & Management as part of the Continuing Development Program of the Institute. Please contact the Secretariat to obtain the current dates and venues of the following programs :

  1. Seminar No. 1 Implementing Activity Based Control Systems
  2. Seminar No. 2 Strategic Process Based Accounting
  3. Seminar No. 3 Strategic Pricing and Customer Profitability
  4. Seminar No. 4 Strategic Value Analysis
  5. Seminar No. 5 Portfolio and Logistics Accounting
  6. Seminar No. 6 Accounting for Marketing Communications
  7. Seminar No. 7 Benchmarking the Balanced Scorecard



Management Control Systems

  • Control Systems and Behavior
  • Concepts of Control: The Control Framework
  • Accountants and Control Systems
  • Issues in Control Systems Design
  • Types of Control

Cost Information in Modern Firms

  • Cost Information: More of an Hindrance than a Help?
  • Cost Classification
  • Allocating Indirect Costs
  • Loss of Competitiveness due to Faulty Cost Systems
  • Uncovering Hidden Profits and Hidden Losses

Re-Engineering Cost Allocation Systems

  • ABC: The Response to Complexity in Modern Firms
  • The Fundamentals of ABC
  • Cost Drivers
  • Activity Analysis
  • Advantages and Limitations of ABC
  • Case Study: Comparison of Cost Allocation Systems

Activity Based Management

  • Monitoring Systems
  • Measuring the Performance of a Process
  • The Key Performance Variables to be Measured
  • Frequency, Timeliness and Accuracy
  • Controlling White-Collar Departments
  • Activity Based Budgeting
  • Feedback Systems under ABM

Implementing Re-Engineered Cost Analysis and Control Systems

  • Creating Implementation Motivation
  • Training, Evaluation and Information
  • Project Organisation
  • Project Analysis
  • Project Synthesis (Model Building)
  • Long-term Cost Management Model
  • From Project to Steady State

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Preliminary Approval