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On Target Direct

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Refining Measures to Improve Performance Measurement of the Accounts Receivable Collection Function
An Examination of Budgetary Roles in the Context of Sponsorship Management: A Contingency Perspective
Product Diversification: The Need for Innovation and the Role of a Balanced Scorecard

  • Green Marketing and Misleading Statements:  The Case of Saab in Australia
  • The Effects of the Diagnostic and Interactive Use of Management Control Systems on the Strategy-Performance Relationship
  • Investigating the Determinants of Perceived Procedural Fairness in Performance Evaluation
  • Corporate Governance, Firm Characteristics and Earnings Management in an Emerging Economy
  • Beyond Ceremony: The Impact of Local Wisdom on Public Participation in Local Government Budgeting

Seminar 3

STRATEGIC PRICING AND CUSTOMER PROFITABILITY - "Your largest customers may be generating you0r largest losses"

Evolution of Modern Costing and Pricing Systems

  • Cost Estimation, Compilation and Control
  • Type of Management Focus
  • Type of Internal Control
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Target Costing
  • Mini Case Study: Cost Reductions to Effect Target Pricing

Customer Profitability Analysis

  • Finding Profitable Customers and Products
  • Uncovering Hidden Profits and Losses
  • Improving Customer Strategy
  • The Profitability Matrix
  • Targets for Action
  • Account Management for Relationship Marketing
  • The Impact of Cost Reducing Actions
  • Case Study: Analysing Customer and Product Profitabilities

Pricing Methods and Strategies

  • Cost-plus and Target Pricing
  • Competitive and Customer-based Pricing
  • Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) in Pricing
  • Volume-based Pricing Strategies
  • Risk Averse Pricing Strategies
  • The Price-Promotions Link

Pricing in International Markets

  • Channels of Distribution
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Pricing in Domestic Markets
  • Pricing Internationally
  • Company Factors in International Pricing
  • Cost-Price Relationships
  • Price Escalation
  • Pricing and Exchange Exposure Management
  • Case Study in Pricing

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