Seminar 5

PORTFOLIO AND LOGISTICS ACCOUNTING - "Getting the right product, to the right place, at the right price"

Marketing Budgeting and Financial Planning

  • The Marketing Concept
  • Competitive Positioning Strategies
  • Portfolio Analysis of Products and Markets
  • Direct Segmental Costing
  • Economic Value Added (EVA) in Marketing Performance

Accounting for Marketing Product Management

  • Financial Aspects of the Product Line
  • Life Cycle Costing and Decision Making
  • Risk and Uncertainty in Portfolio Decisions
  • Product Abandonment Approaches
  • Packaging and After-Sales Service

Comprehensive Case Study in Portfolio Budgeting and Decision Making

  • Implementing the Marketing Concept
  • Utilizing Marketing - Accounting Tools and Techniques
  • Incremental Analysis
  • Marketing Budget Models and Reports

Accounting in Logistic Management

  • The Place Distribution Objective
  • Distribution Cost Accounting
  • Distribution Cost Analysis
  • Distribution Cost Control
  • Channel Selection in Logistics Accounting