Seminar 7

BENCHMARKING THE BALANCED SCORECARD - "Towards Integrated Open-Book Accounting"

Corporate Radar and Early Warning Systems

  • Monitoring Systems for Short-run Trouble Shooting
  • Financial, Marketing and Production Health Checks
  • Long-run Predictors of Corporate Failure
  • Evaluation of Failure Predictors
  • Case Study in Advanced Financial Analysis

Benchmarking Financial Planning Systems

  • Becoming a 'World Class' Competitor
  • The Benchmarking Process
  • In house vs Using Consultants
  • Examples of World's Best Practice
  • A Benchmarking MIS using Activity Based Costing (ABC)

The Balanced Scorecard

  • Information for Strategic Analysis: Where Accountants Fail
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Critical Success Factors
  • Information Frameworks for Balanced Performance Analysis
  • Executive Information Systems (EISs) for Open-Book Accounting
  • Comprehensive Catalogue of Non-Financial Indicators (NFIs)
  • Balanced Scorecard Simulation Exercise