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Refining Measures to Improve Performance Measurement of the Accounts Receivable Collection Function
An Examination of Budgetary Roles in the Context of Sponsorship Management: A Contingency Perspective
Product Diversification: The Need for Innovation and the Role of a Balanced Scorecard

  • Green Marketing and Misleading Statements:  The Case of Saab in Australia
  • The Effects of the Diagnostic and Interactive Use of Management Control Systems on the Strategy-Performance Relationship
  • Investigating the Determinants of Perceived Procedural Fairness in Performance Evaluation
  • Corporate Governance, Firm Characteristics and Earnings Management in an Emerging Economy
  • Beyond Ceremony: The Impact of Local Wisdom on Public Participation in Local Government Budgeting

Post Nominals

Use of post-nominal by members :

In order to provide for the recognition of its members as experienced professionals in the field of management accounting, the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) allows the use of post-nominals in certain circumstances.  Members who have met the eligibility criteria of ICMA shall be entitled to use the following letters:

  • CMA – designating the member is a CERTIFIED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT
  • AMA – designating the member is a ASSOCIATE MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT
  • GMA – designating the member is a GRADUATE MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT
  • RBA– designating the member is a REGISTERED BUSINESS ACCOUNTANT
  • RCA– designating the member is a REGISTERED COST ACCOUNTANT
  • CAT– designating the member is a CERTIFIED ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN
  • MAA – designating the member is a MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AFFILIATE

A Student Member is not entitled to the use of post-nominals.

Post-nominals are used after the member’s name, such as Joe Citizen CMA and may appear on business cards, correspondence, professional profiles, and similar documentation.  Members are encouraged to use the post-nominals as it provides public recognition of their commitment to continued professional development and commitment to the entire profession.

Members may use the ICMA post-nominals with that of other academic and/or professional qualifications from recognised universities/professional associations, such as Joe Citizen MBA (Harvard), CPA, CMA. However, the use of the ICMA post-nominals with awards from unaccredited universities or from businesses posing as professional associations, such as Joe Citizen PhD (Degree Mill U), AAFM, CMA will not be permitted. Members found to be using such unaccredited or unregistered post-nominals along with those of the ICMA will be asked to stop continuing the practice as it devalues the ICMA qualification. Members who opt to continue the practice risk losing their membership status with ICMA. [For a regularly updated list of unaccredited universities and businesses posing as professional associations, see www.unidegree.com ]

The use of post-post nominals provides members with a signature that identifies them as professionals in managerial accounting that have a genuine commitment to their careers and their professional development.

The benefits of post-nominals include:

  • Recognition of the member’s commitment to continuing professional development;
  • Identification by existing and potential clients of ICMA members as experienced professionals;
  • Promotion, confidence and pride in the members’ work and the wider profession;
  • Establishment of links with fellow professionals; and
  • Increases in the members’ career options.

One of the key advantages that the use of post-nominals provides is the increased recognition of a member’ education, training and professionalism by existing and potential clients. The use of post-nominals by ICMA members means that potential employers and clients can identify and rely upon a member’s:

  • Skilled and professional service;
  • Administrative and technical competence; and
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the science of managerial accounting.

Once a member renews their membership for each financial year, they will receive the guidelines concerning eligibility to use the post-nominals. Post-nominals can be used only by financial members (i.e. those who are up-to-date with their subscriptions).

The use of post-nominals is a privilege and may be withdrawn by the ICMA Executive if a member becomes non-financial or is found by the ICMA – Professional standards and ethics committee to have committed a breach of the ICMA Code of Professional Conduct (amongst other penalties).

For further information on the eligibility criteria or use of post-nominals, please contact ICMA Membership Services via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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