The MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING 2020™ program was launched to promote and develop the science of Management Accountancy in leading-edge organizations in Australia by providing both individuals and business organizations with a portfolio of development opportunities designed to enhance their relevance as information age managers and business entities. The 2020 vision taken by the Institute in developing this program, looks well beyond the strategic decision making and reporting requirement of the year 2000, and tailors programs based on the informational needs specified by the management of such business entities.


The Management Accounting 2020™ Organisational Certification

This is a corporate strategic information quality certification, awarded to business entities whose managers and accountants undertake the CMA program outlined earlier. Organizations which encourage their managers to participate in the CMA program (especially the organization specific Business Research Project) are awarded this corporate certification upon the completion of the program, irrespective of the fact that the individuals within the program take the exams or not.


The benefits of an organization obtaining The Management Accounting 2020™ Certification are as follows :

  • The organization becomes accredited by The Institute of Certified Management Accountants as being an entity providing a suitable training environment for their managers to fulfill the experience requirements for ‘Associate’ (3 years) and ‘Certified’ (5 years) membership status.
  • The organization may wish to use the MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING 2020™ logo illustrated below in an appropriate manner to indicate its commitment to the provision of strategic decision making and reporting information to its various stakeholders.
  • The organization may also wish to be the representative for its particular industry in the Group of 20 Think Tank (discussed below).


The Group of 20 Think Tank

This is an ‘Advisory Group’ established under the auspices of The Institute of Certified Management Accountants for industry representative organisations to meet and discuss the developments and the changing environment pertaining to the provision of strategic decision making and performance reporting information criteria, as expected over the next two decades. This 2020 vision provided by representative organizations will be invaluable to the Institute in developing the curriculum for the education and training of managers over this extended period. It will also enable the Institute to voice a collective opinion in governmental and other commissions pertaining to information management, and also to standard setting bodies.

Membership in the Group of 20 Think Tank is limited to one representative each from the following industry sectors :



Tourism and Leisure

Building and Construction



Tobacco and Alcohol


Importing and Exporting












Organizations obtaining The Management Accounting 2020™ Certification will be invited to the membership of the Group of 20 Think Tank if they belong to an industry sector not currently represented in the Group. It is expected that the Group will meet four-times a year.

The above is a very broad overview of the portfolio of programs available within the MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING 2020™ PROGRAM. If you are interested in pursuing some of these components, we would be very pleased to meet with you and discuss details of such further.