Seminar 4






Strategic Thinking

This topic overviews the concepts and development of strategic planning in modern business enterprises. The traditional areas of corporate strategy; such as strategic objectives and strategic planning decision models are first introduced to the student. The state of strategic thinking in the current environment is then considered, especially in relation to multiple approaches to analysing corporate strategy.

  • The Concepts of Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Objectives
  • Financial Aspects of Corporate Objectives
  • The State of Strategic Thinking
  • Empowerment
  • Multiple Strategic Approaches


Marketing Budgeting and Financial Planning

Here the marketing concept is introduced and the links between marketing and strategic business analysis are illustrated. It is shown how concepts such as the product life cycle and product portfolio matrix are linked to managerial accounting techniques such as budgeting and life cycle costing to provide relevant information for strategic decision making. A comprehensive strategic segmental marketing budget is developed in this topic.

  • The Marketing Concept
  • Competitive Positioning Strategies
  • Portfolio Analysis of Products and Markets
  • Direct Segmental Costing
  • Economic Value Added (EVA) in Marketing Performance


Comprehensive Case Study in Portfolio Budgeting and Decision Making

  • Implementing the Marketing Concept
  • Utilizing Marketing - Accounting Tools and Techniques
  • Incremental Analysis
  • Marketing Budget Models and Reports