Results Policies

Assessment results for all subjects will be recorded as Grades.

In determining a student's overall result, all marks allocated for assignments, examinations and participation, as applicable, are combined to give a final grade.

As part of the ICMA's quality assurance process results may be moderated prior to release.

Results are graded as follows :

  • 85% – 100% = High Distinction
  • 75% – 84%  = Distinction
  • 65% – 74% = Credit
  • 50% – 64% = Pass
  • 0% – 49% = Fail

Students learning in classroom mode must attend at least 80% of seminars.

Please refer to the subject outline on the website or to the subject notes for the weighting of each assessment task.

Assessment results for open entry competency-based modules will be 'Competent' or 'Not Yet Competent'.

Candidates must be deemed competent in all assessment events to achieve overall competence in a module.

Result Codes

The following result codes will be used by the ICMA to record and report student results where a Competent/Not yet competent result or a grade is not achieved :


Result code




A Competent result indicates that the assessment requirements for the module have been met.

Not yet competent

A Not Yet Competent result indicates that the assessment requirements for the module have not yet been met.


Deferred is a temporary code which indicates that the student has been prevented from completing an assessment through illness or exceptional circumstances. This code should be used in cases where a student has been granted special consideration. Applications for special consideration must be made in writing. The result should be finalized by the end of the next trimester or at the earliest possible opportunity.

Disciplinary fail

Disciplinary fail applies where a student fails in a subject or module as a result of misconduct. A Disciplinary fail will be recorded internally and a Fail result reported in the Transcript. A Disciplinary fail is only to be given on the recommendation of the Misconduct Review Panel.


This code indicates that the student has achieved the assessment requirements for the module through previous study or through mutual recognition.

Not Sat

This code indicates that the student did not submit or sit an assessment event and there is no acceptable reason given for this.


A Withdrawn result indicates that the student has formally notified the Institute in writing of their intention to withdraw from the module 48 hours prior to the first assessment date. Their will be no financial penalty in such cases.

Notification of results

Results are notified by the Chairman of the ICMA Education Committee individually to students by post, either directly, or via their Recognised Provider Institutions (RPI).

For privacy and confidentiality reasons the Institute cannot release your results over the phone or by email. No results can be given to third parties without your written authority.


No re-assessment opportunity will be provided to any student, all unsuccessful students will therefore be required to re-enrol into the subject.


In cases where you have submitted an Open-Entry assignment which is insufficient to demonstrate competence or the required level of skills and knowledge, the assessor may ask you to resubmit the assignment with additional evidence or information. If the additional evidence or information submitted is sufficient, the assessor may then deem you to be competent. You may only resubmit your assignment once for a module. The Chairman-Education Committee will provide guidance on the resubmission process and the fee.


If you are unsuccessful in an Open-Entry examination you will be given the opportunity to re-sit the examination. There will be a re-sit fee per subject. You can only re-sit an examination once. If you are unsuccessful at the re-sit and wish to be assessed again you will need to re-enrol in the subject/module.


If you are dissatisfied with the mark you receive for any assessment in the CAT and RCA subjects, you may apply to have it re-marked if you consider you have just cause. This is not applicable for GMA, CMA and MBA students.

To apply for re-marking, you must write to the Chairman-Education Committee within two weeks of receiving your results. Justifications for your request must be provided. The Chairman-Education Committee will advise you of their decision. An administration fee equivalent to the current exam fee per subject will apply if re-marking does not change your result.

Assessment Complaints and Appeals Process

The Institute has processes in place to deal with complaints about the assessment process and formal appeals against assessment decisions.

If you have a complaint about the assessment process you should put it in writing, outlining your reasons for the complaint, and lodge it with the Chairman-Education Committee. The complaint will be investigated and you will be advised of the outcome. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint and you feel it has had an effect on a related assessment decision, you may lodge a formal appeal against the assessment decision with the President of ICMA, whose decision will be final.