Registered Business Accountant (RBA) Program Overview


The RBA program is RCA program plus Stage 3 of the ICMA's Graduate program.

ICMA Subjects
Registered Business Accountant & Graduate Management Accountant

Part 3 (RBA Program)

Financial Accounting

Marketing Management

Information Management

Strategic Management

Part 4 (GMA Program)

Financial Management

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Modelling

Managerial Accounting

The RBA qualification is equivalent to those having an Advanced Diploma from the Australian Technical and Further Education (TAFE) system.

The Registered Business Accountant (RBA) program can be done via the Global Business School. Those awarded the RBA certification are also given credit towards the Institute’s Graduate Member Program, and on completing a further 4-subjects, may describe themselves as Graduate Management Accountants (GMAs) of the ICMA. Those having 3 years relevant experience can apply to the ICMA for Associate Management Accountant (AMA) membership status.


It can be seen from this diagram that it is possible for students to complete the Registered Cost Accountant (RCA) certification and articulate this into an undergraduate degree and a Master Degree. Alternatively they may complete the Advanced Diploma at a RTO, continue studies to the Certified Management Accounting qualification, and then progress to a Master of Business Administration. This latter option is probably a more time effective pathway for older students that have spent some time in the workplace.