2019 Indonesian CFO Awards

This is the 1st CFO Award given by ICMA (Australia) Indonesia Branch to the business and professional society in Indonesia, and also the 1st CFO Award given by ICMA (Australia) in the region. The event was a collaboration of ICMA (Australia) Indonesia Branch, Magister of Accounting Program at the University of Indonesia, and the IPMI Business School. This event will be a signature event yearly to be held by ICMA (Australia) Indonesia Branch, in order to recognize outstanding achievements of CFOs in various categories in Indonesia.

The nominations were open to those currently holding the position as CFO/Finance Director of a company in Indonesia, and was open to all CFOs, not just ICMA members.

The Juries panel consists of the following: Prof Brendan O’Connell, Prof Janek Ratnatunga and Dr Chris D’Souza from ICMA Australia; Prof Roy Sembel and Dr Wiwiek M Daryanto from the IPMI Business School and Dr Gede Harja Wasistha, from the University of Indonesia.

There are various aspects examined by the Juries, namely: issue identification; strategy and improvements implemented; alignment with CMA skills; impact/result of the implementation and presentation and communication skills. The shortlisted finalists gave their presentation to the Juries along with answering questions from the Juries to be named the title as Best CFO. It wasn’t easy for the Juries to give a decision, as all the finalists were of the best quality and the scores amongst them were close to each other.

There were 5 awards given:

  • CFO of The Year – Leonardus Wahyu Wasono (Telekomunikasi International, PT)
  • Best CFO in Cost Management – Fuad Rizal (Garuda Indonesia, PT)
  • Best CFO in Environment and Society – Ridwan Zachrie (Perikanan Nusantara, PT)
  • Best CFO in Business Analysis – Ervina Waty (Ismaya, PT)
  • Best CFO in Risk Management – Lenggogeni (Industri Nuklir Indonesia, PT)
Prof Janek Ratnatunga gives the CFO of The Year Award 2019 to Mr. Leonardus Wahyu Wasono from Telekomunikasi International, PT. Also in the picture are the other CFO Awards winners; Dr. Chris D’Souza and Mr Iman Subekti, the Vice President of ICMA Indonesia Branch.
From Left to Right: Dr. Chris D’Souza and Prof Janek Ratnatunga from ICMA Australia, Ms. Ervina Waty from Ismaya, Mr. Fuad Rizal from Garuda Indonesia, Mr. Leonardus Wahyu Wasono from Telekomunikasi International, Mr. Ridwan Zachrie from Perikanan Nusantara, Ms. Lenggogeni from Industri Nuklir Indonesia, Dr Wiwiek M Daryanto from the IPMI Business School, Mr Iman Subekti, from ICMA Indonesia Branch and Mr. Daniel Godwin Sihotang, ICMA Indonesia Branch President.


The event was successfully held and boosted the brand of ICMA (Australia). The event was covered by several national media and TV station as shown below: