Australia Update

Prof Nava Subramanium, CMA, organised a Professional Forum titled ‘Management Accounting goes Digital: Will the move make it wiser?’ by Professor Paolo Quattrone, on Wednesday 20th September at the Governance, Accountability and Law Centre at RMIT University. It was well attended by ICMA academics including Prof Janek Ratnatunga, ICMA CEO and Prof Brendan O’Connell, ICMA President.

Standing Left to Right: Dr. Dina Wahyuni; Prof Janek Ratnatunga, ICMA CEO, Prof Brendan O’Connell, ICMA President and Prof Nava Subramanium, CMA.

Another event in Australia was a talk given by Professor Janek Ratnatunga on ‘Sustainable Cost Accounting’ to the Melbourne Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India on 23rd September. There was much discussion by the participants. Dr Chris D’Souza, the ICMA COO also gave a talk on the benefits of taking ICMA membership.