Flexible Work Practices and Career Progression are Essential

June 18, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

Almost three-quarters (73%) of Australian workers would like a job offering flexible work practices, with career progression opportunities (72%) and ongoing learning & development (59%) also important when job searching, according to a survey by recruiting experts Hays conducted for the annual Hays Salary Guide.

Research Finds Lack of Team Spirit in New Hires

May 30, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

Australian hiring managers are struggling to source new recruits who fit in well with the team and overall company dynamics, with new independent research commissioned by specialised recruiter Robert Half revealing more than three-quarters (78%) of Australian general hiring managers have hired an employee who did not fit in well within the team they were part of. 

Flexible Work The New Normal

May 15, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

A third of professionals identifying flexible work as critical to remaining employed is significant and we predict this figure will only grow as our cities become more congested and the proportion of younger workers increases

One in Four Finance Workers Can Expect Salary Increase in 2018

April 29, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

Australian workers have had to contend with relatively slow wage growth over the last five years, with the RBA predicting that wages will “increase only gradually” over time [1]. However, new independent research commissioned by specialised recruiter Robert Half and published in the newly-released 2018 Robert Half Salary Guide has revealed top finance workers can still expect a pay rise in 2018. 

According to the research, the majority (98%) of Australian CFOs are planning to award an average of 23% of their staff with a raise this year, with the average increase expected to be 9% – which is well above the national wage price growth percentage of 2% [2]. As companies vie for the best finance candidates, a competitive salary is often the most persuasive incentive, especially in an employment market where 99% of Australian CFOs find it challenging to source qualified finance professionals. 

Significant gaps between working women’s career goals and reality

April 14, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

Australian workplaces are not ready to meet young women’s career aspirations or support their future success, according to a new national report by University of Sydney researchers. “We are talking more about robots than we are about women in the future of work debate – this must change,” said co-author of the report, Professor Rae Cooper.

Bored at work? You’re not alone

February 27, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

Australian workers are spending almost a fifth of their week bored on the job, according to new independent research among 460 hiring managers commissioned by specialised recruiter Robert Half. On average, managers believe their employees are spending 16% of their week bored at work – which is equivalent to six hours a week for someone working a 7.5-hour day [1].

Employees in Western Australia seem to be the most bored, with managers anticipating that staff spend more than six (6.4) hours a week uninterested in their jobs. This is closely followed by Queensland (6), Victoria (6) and New South Wales (5.25), who are estimated to spend between 5-6 hours a week bored at work.