Significant gaps between working women’s career goals and reality

April 14, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

Australian workplaces are not ready to meet young women’s career aspirations or support their future success, according to a new national report by University of Sydney researchers. “We are talking more about robots than we are about women in the future of work debate – this must change,” said co-author of the report, Professor Rae Cooper.

Bored at work? You’re not alone

February 27, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

Australian workers are spending almost a fifth of their week bored on the job, according to new independent research among 460 hiring managers commissioned by specialised recruiter Robert Half. On average, managers believe their employees are spending 16% of their week bored at work – which is equivalent to six hours a week for someone working a 7.5-hour day [1].

Employees in Western Australia seem to be the most bored, with managers anticipating that staff spend more than six (6.4) hours a week uninterested in their jobs. This is closely followed by Queensland (6), Victoria (6) and New South Wales (5.25), who are estimated to spend between 5-6 hours a week bored at work.