How Global Data Protection Laws Are Putting CFOs To The Test

September 10, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

The list of regulations increases in size and complexity each year. CFOs are facing this challenge using their expertise, that of external consultants, and finally, considering the challenge from a talent acquisition perspective. Are these regulations a mere hurdle to be surmounted or a real opportunity to streamline operations?

Customer Fraud Top Economic Crime in Australia

August 10, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

Almost two-thirds of all fraud and economic crime came from external sources compared to less than half just four years ago. However, 60 percent of these crimes were committed by ‘frenemies” – someone close to the organisation, such as a customer, supplier, consultant or agent.

Half of Australian Businesses Restructuring to Keep Up With Changing Business Needs

July 23, 2018 Editor Uploads 0

The speed at which technological innovation is transforming our daily lives is exceeded only by the impact it is having on businesses. The responsibility for overseeing this change falls on the world’s CEOs and it will be their response and decisions that ultimately decide the fate of the businesses they lead. What skills and values are the Board of Directors looking out for in 2018?