Hong Kong Celebrations

After the Philippines, the ‘Road Show’ continued to Hong Kong; where Prof Brendan O’Connell (ICMA President), Prof Janek Ratnatunga (ICMA CEO) and Dr. Chris D’Souza (ICMA CFO) were joined by Prof Michael Tse (ICMA Global Chairman).

A CPD program for members was held on December 15th at the ICMA Hong Kong Branch Headquarters at 141 Thomson Road in Wanchai. The event was hosted by Prof. Allen Wong, the Global Vice-President of ICMA, and the Regional Director and Chief Executive of the Greater China Region.There were over 75 attendees. Prof Janek Ratnatunga, CEO ICMA gave a talk on “Financial Statements and Reports in a Digitized World”, and Prof Brendan O’Connell, President ICMA talked of “The Frontiers of Integrated Reporting”.

At this function, Global Accounting Hall of Fame awards were announced for Mr. Chan Loi Shun Dominic, the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited; Dr. Lee George Lam, Chairman of Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets of Macquarie Group of Companies; Mr. Lau Kai Hung Allen who runs a consulting practice serving listed public companies and multinational corporations operating in Hong Kong and the Mainland China; and Prof. Anthony Wu, who is a Standing Committee Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Left to Right: Prof Michael Tse (ICMA Global Chairman); Ms Loretta Mak, CMA; Prof Janek Ratnatunga (ICMA CEO) and Dr. Chris D’Souza (ICMA CFO).