IMAC India 2019 and Global Hall of Fame awards in Kolkata

ICMA Australia and Xavier University jointly organised an International Management Accounting Conference (IMAC India 2019) at the prestigious Xavier University in Kolkata which was attended by distinguished guests and delegates from well-known companies as well as academics from the region. At this conference the COO (International) of ICMA, Dr Chris D’Souza announced the first Inductee from India to the Global Management Accounting Hall of Fame, Dr. Felix Raj the Vice Chancellor of Xavier University. The award applauded and honoured the ground breaking sustainable value creation and achievements of Rev Dr. John Felix Raj and recognised his contribution to the profession in India. The award was presented by ICMA Global President Prof Brendon O’Connell.

ICMA Global President Prof Brendon O’Connell inducting Dr. Felix Raj to the Global Management Accounting Hall of Fame. Also in the picture is Dr Chris D’Souza COO (International) of ICMA.


The conference had three plenary sessions.  The first Plenary Session was on the ‘The Global Economic Cost of Life’ and the Speakers were Dr. Chris D’Souza from ICMA and Mr. Rahul Bose, Global Manager, Learning and Knowledge, IBM. The second Plenary Session as titled ‘Integrated Accounting and Local Business Sustainability’ and the speakers were Professor Dr. Brendon O’Connell, President ICMA, Australia Professor Arup Choudhuri, Founder Chairman & CEO, Acasia Global Consulting LLP, Kolkata, India. The final Plenary session was on ‘Corporate Myopia in Sustainable Marketing’ and the Speakers were Dr. Chris D’Souza, ICMA, Australia and Professor Dr. Kanika Chatterjee, Professor, Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta, India. The highly successful and well appreciated conference was convened by   Dr. Manodip Ray Chaudhuri, Associate Professor in Management (HR & OB) Xavier Business School.

ICMA Global President Prof Brendon O’Connell and Dr Chris D’Souza COO (International) in Kolkata with the 3-story Banner announcing the Conference.