Special Offer on MBA For CMA Certified Members

Most members will know that ICMA has partnered with Calwest University in Northridge, California, to provide exciting pathways for CMA level members of ICMA, to obtain a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

ICMA has now negotiated a 35% discount (from $5,350 to $1,850) for CMA certified members to obtain an MBA, CMA dual qualification.

This offer is only for the next enrolment period commencing 1 December 2019 and ending 31 January 2020.

Due to the knowledge and experience gained in obtaining a CMA, Calwest university gives CMA certification holders credit for a maximum of 8 (out of 12) courses of the MBA. This means that as a CMA, students will only need to complete 4 courses: Business Ethics, Global Issues, Critical Thinking, and Philosophy, to obtain your MBA. After enrolment, students can complete the 4 courses online at their own pace from anywhere in the world.

The total cost of this program after the discount is US$1,850; of which only US$1,500 needs to paid on Enrolment as the Registration fee and Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) credit fee, and the fee for the four value courses.

There is no other payment of fees for coursework.

On completion of the course a further US$350 needs to be paid as a Degree Granting Fee.

It is important to point out that once a student has enrolled in the MBA program, this fee structure will remain fixed throughout his/her studies. It will not be subjected to any annual fee increases that may eventuate in the future. As such, those thinking about a recognised MBA should enrol in the next enrolment period of Dec 2019 – Jan 2020 in which the discount will be applied for CMA certified financial members.

If you are NOT a ‘Financial’ Member of ICMA, but have obtained your CMA, you can still take advantage of this opportunity by becoming financial. Please insert your Membership Number [CID or MID] in the Calwest Application process. It will list you as a ‘lapsed’ member, but you will be given the opportunity to renew your membership either directly with ICMA or via the Calwest application process by paying a US$250 renewal fee.

If you interested in pursuing the Calwest MBA for CMAs, please have your Membership Number [CID or MID] prior to commencing the application process and click here.

This is an exceptional opportunity exclusive to CMA members to upgrade their skills and qualifications, and all CMAs are encouraged to take up this opportunity as soon as possible.