Sri Lanka Event

In February 2017, the 26th CMA Workshop Program was conducted by Professor Janek Ratnatunga at the Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo Sri Lanka. The program is offered exclusively by the Academy of Finance, in Sri Lanka. Over 55 senior managers including CEOs and CFOs from all sectors of the Sri Lankan economy attended this program held over 7-days.

Professor Janek Ratnatunga, CEO of ICMA Australia conducted the seminars. These seminars are reputed to not only impart ‘World-Class’ knowledge; but also enable participants to apply this knowledge immediately in practice.

Official photograph of the participants with Professor Janek Ratnatunga, CEO of ICMA, Australia; and Mr Kapila Dodamgoda, Regional Director of ICMA in Sri Lanka.
Students celebrating with Professor Janek Ratnatunga.